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S. Chand is India's leading publishing company with unmatched market leadership over 7 decades." Bringing people and knowledge together" is core to the mission of S. Chand Group and this has translated into 'Empowering Minds'.

S. Chand Books have touched three generations of Indian educated community. Today S. Chand needs no introduction. Its continuous commitment and endeavor of publishing quality books and meeting the needs right from primary level books to higher academic books in Engineering, Management, Commerce, Basic Sciences and others has built unmatched equity.

The only publishing house in India with in-house integrated publishing solution, being first Indain publishing company to the ISO 9001:2008 certified and with country's largest publishing distribution network of 24 locations across the country, S. Chand's books are available for all-everywhere.

S. Chand has been at the forefront of publishing exports out of India and S. Chand books are sold widely in South Asia, South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa across 21 countries.

Over the years S. Chand has lead publishing industry in the country and every year is recipient of National awards.

S. Chand also has to its credit being the first Indian publisher to lead digital learning and offers "Computer aided Learning solutions"   for individuals, Governments and Schools.With world's leading Education Company EMPGI, S. Chand has launched a joint venture S. Chand Harcourt (India) Pvt. Limited  in this domain.



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